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                                  custom engineered for many specialized applications

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                                  Whether you have a need for structural or non-structural top quality OSB products, Tolko T-STRAND? OSB Products are custom engineered for many specialized applications.

                                  Products include:

                                  • T-STRAND? Pro OSB RV Flooring
                                  • T-STRAND? Pro OSB SIP Facers
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                                  T-STRAND Pro OSB RV flooring

                                  For construction of RVs, travel trailers, and campervans, balance is critical. Whether OEM-built or enthusiast converted, weight and strength are equally important in order to balance durability with drivability.

                                  Our Tolko T-STRAND Pro OSB RV Flooring provides a durable, impact-resistant surface that not only protects, but is lightweight enough to help cut-down on fuel consumption. This makes it an ideal choice for subflooring in motor homes.


                                  Build better with T-STRAND

                                  Made with aspen fibre, T-STRAND offers exceptional fastening and workability, with split-resistant panel edges. Manufactured with moisture-resistant resins, our OSB RV flooring features our Blue Edge Seal, which further protects against swelling. For quick installation and fewer seams, we offer special sizing, including convenient, oversized panels.

                                  Trusted products

                                  With T-STRAND Pro OSB RV Flooring, you can feel confident with the finished product, knowing our panels are APA-quality-assured and manufactured to exceed PS2 and the minimum 19/32 CAT STR 1 rating. And, to make sure these quality panels arrive safely at your doorstep, every order is shipped inside a woven-poly bag for added protection against the elements.

                                  Safe, clean air

                                  To keep the air quality in your RV clean, our T-STRAND contains no added urea-formaldehyde resin (NAUF) and is exempt from U.S. HUD Manufactured Housing Standard and CARB regulations.


                                  Available Sizes

                                  Thicknesses: 19/32, 23/32
                                  Lengths: 16', 24', custom lengths
                                  Widths: 4', 8', custom widths



                                  50-year transferable warranty against delamination.

                                  50 Year Limited Warranty emblem
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                                  T-STRAND Pro OSB SIP Facers

                                  Panel matching made easy

                                  Laminating structural insulated panels (SIPs) can feel like you are putting together a puzzle, with OSB boards that never quite seem to fit. To help you get the quality you want, and avoid the stress of finding just the right piece for your project, we offer our dimensionally stable and consistently straight OSB SIP Facers.


                                  Tested to the highest standards

                                  Tested to APA’s standards PS2 and PR-N614, these unsanded panels are compatible for laminating with insulating polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR), and polystyrene (EPS) foam cores.


                                  Build better with T-STRAND

                                  Our SIP Facers offer increased moisture resistance with our Blue Edge Seal, which protects against swelling. To ensure our product arrives at your door in the same condition it left our mill, we ship our SIP Facers in a woven-poly bag for extra protection against the elements.

                                  Safe, clean air

                                  T-STRAND contains no added urea-formaldehyde resin (NAUF) to keep your air free and clear.

                                  Available Sizes

                                  Thickness: 7/16
                                  Lengths: 12', 16', 24', custom lengths
                                  Widths: 4', 8', custom widths


                                  25-year transferable warranty against delamination.

                                  25 Year Limited Warranty emblem

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